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Our Designer Bedding Collection has set the standard for comfort, quality, warmth and luxury. These stylish bedding sets include Comforters, Duvet Covers, Towel Sets, Quilts, Pillows, Bed Sheets, Perfumes, Table cloth and Decorative Pillows tailored to your exact specifications. Our fine collection of materials which are packaged in elegant styles of Wooden Treasure Boxes and Poly Bags.

Why Choose Us

At Professor Products Inc. we are dedicated to our clients by offering products that are high in quality and always in demand. What sets Professor Products Inc. aside from our competitors is that we fully control every aspect of our production from the conceptual design of our products to sales and distribution. Unlike other companies, we maintain a rooted commitment to our clients by designing and producing products indicative of regional cultures. That is, we do not import pre-manufactured fabrics from other countries, but instead we produce our own products that directly serve local consumer demand.


Professor showroom was formed in August 1993 with staff that has many years experience within the home furniture and supplies industry. We firmly believe in team work and going the extra mile in ensuring that customer’s expectations are fulfilled.


Our goal is to add to our selection of high-quality, so that we can continue to serve and satisfy our customers. We are constantly forming partnerships with many distributors and aim to reach customers all over the world.


The professor understands that customers have their own individual requirements and that one product dependent supplier cannot meet all of their diverse needs. This is where you meet your requirements.